Sugar and Spurs Slots Purchase
We will accept cash at qualifiers or payments made 60 days prior on Paypal.  Slots need to be pre- paid via email transfer or PayPal.  PayPal has additional fees for possessing. 

Tickets for spectators 10$ with $1.00 portion donated to Kids Care for Cancer and $1.00 to Ronald Mc Donald

Mobile sites use Red LInes At the Top of Page for drop down menu ACCess to CaLgary STampede Park and Waiver Page Access. 

***Desktop: Hover over the words at the top in the green box for access links to Calgary Stampede Park And Qualifying Calendar

Saturday August 3, 2019 Sugar and Spurs Barrel Race Outdoor Cochrane Barrel Race 

WARMUP JACKPOT SUGAR $ 40 qualified entry 

open 3D Peewee 10 Youth $25

E-mail entry  to:

Must have a membership to purchase slots. 10.00

TOTAL Estimated Payout $16,000.00

 Sample payout Open Sugar Jackpot with 100 entries $6,000 payout/60%payout/ 7/10 split 

$1980.00 per Division 3D

1st 673.00 34%

2nd 514.00 26%

3rd $ 356.00 18%

4th $277.00 14%

5th $158.00 8%

Spurs Race 2 

Entry qualified 150

Open Entry 250

can roll to Letemgo 

Race 3 Letemgo  7/10 split. 70%payout

Sample 50 entries payout $9,950.00

$3,484.00 per division 3D

1st $1,184.00 34%

2nd $905 26 %

3rd $626.00 18%

4th 487.00 14%

5th 278.00 8%

Qualified  entry 199 non qualified  399

Raffle Fundraiser at event for cancer. Live Alberta Singers and Songwriters

Music and Artists

Login to for live feeds and time texts and updates will sent to your phone

New*****We will allow horse switch outs up to 48 hours prior but will not be on the program

No Pay pal accepted 2 months before race on any events.

Medicals accepted 48 hours before signed to change a rider and horse

When entering must send waivers signed Rider, Horse , Owner of Sot and Race name

2 parts to waiver***acknowledgment and helmet release

 SAMPLE: Entries via e transfer or PayPal paid and email signed waiver to guarantee spot at enter information : Slot Race Arena Date, Time Only Preference, Rider, Horse, Owner for Slot, Email Address, Home Address and Phone Number

We will respond with an email and code to pay for the slot via email transfer.  Email password will be included in email for e-transfers.  You will get email confirmation of ownership slot and paid.

Once waivers and payment is made you own it!  Waiver must be signed and sent.  Owners can not sell their slot and rent at their own discrepancy with no additional cost to slot pricing.  All Slot Sales will be done by Sugar and Spurs if not paid and resold.  Max 100-150 slot sold plus 10 per year 5 sold 5 donated to sponsors .  No refunds.

Owner of the slot will be paid.  If renting a slot at your own risk the rider and owner both sign waivers.

Results will be posted to Facebook page.  Payout will be e transferred within 15 days of posting times.

5 new slots will be sold annually for the next year and 5 donated for a one year slot by preferred choice of Sugar and Spurs for sponsors and/or volunteers.  These slots will not be a part of the accumulated amounts in the 70% payout. 

Warm up arena provided

Running with a closed gate

Raffles provided by Sponsors go to Fundraising

Payout will be emailed after posting of times.

If your owner email does not work and no pick up is arranged within three months of the race date money will not be paid.

Welcome to camp night before

Sponsors welcome 

Sugar and Spurs Inc. has the right to change the rules at anytime for the most successful event.





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