Sugar and Spurs Slots Purchase

Mobile sites use Red BARs At the Top for drop down menu

Membership 10.00  May be purchased at race or on line at :

Open Race

Owners will decide on any rentals and shared slots (only one name is owner)

Waivers must be signed once a year.

A horse can run twice

Please join Facebook: KT Sugar N Spurs for all updates and changes in communications. Created Event :Sugar and Spurs Strathmore Slot Race Fundraiser.

Login to for live feeds and time texts and updates will sent to your phone

No name owner or rider changes 30 days before the race date unless vet out note signed with in 48  hours before race

We will allow horse switch outs up to 48 hours prior but will not be on the program

No paypal accepted 2 months before race on any events.

Medicals accepted 48 hours before signed to change a rider and horse

When entering must send waivers signed Rider and Horse and Owner in email and Race name

2 parts to waiver***acknowledgment and helmet release

Entries via e transfer or PayPal paid and email signed waiver to guarantee information : Place, Date Slot one or Two Race, Time Only Preference, Rider, Horse, Owner for Slot, Email Address, Home Address and Phone Number

We will respond with an email and code to pay for the slot via email transfer.  Email password will be included in email for etransfers.

You will get email confirmation of ownership in slot and paid.

Once waivers and payment is made you own it! 

Owners can not sell their slot and rent at their own discrepancy with no additional cost to slot pricing




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