Sugar and Spurs Slots Purchase

Finals May Long weekend May 18, 2019 and August Long  weekend August 3, 2019.

Qualifying Outdoor Barrel Race 

May, June, July and August

70% payouts in a series finals

To have ownership easily e-mail:

Include Horse, Rider and Cell Phone

 Payout sample :If 100 Slots sold will pay per 4 divisons per day. 

1st 34%

2nd 26%

3rd 18%

4th 14%

5th 8%

100 Open Slot sold MAX.  

  A horse can not run twice with a different rider.  You may roll time from ABRA Jackpot race 1 or 2 but must decide at time of entry.

Order of events: jackpot, peewee, youth, open, open slot

Please join Facebook: KT Sugar N Spurs for all updates and changes in communications. Created Event :Sugar and Spurs 

Login to for live feeds and time texts and updates will sent to your phone

Futurity Derby as of jan 1 ages 4-7 25$ side pot

No name owner or rider changes 30 days before the race date unless vet out note signed with in 48  hours before race

New*****We will allow horse switch outs up to 48 hours prior but will not be on the program

No paypal accepted 2 months before race on any events.

Medicals accepted 48 hours before signed to change a rider and horse

When entering must send waivers signed Rider and Horse and Owner in email and Race name

2 parts to waiver***acknowledgment and helmet release

Entries via e transfer or PayPal paid and email signed waiver to guarantee spot at enter information  : Location Month for Slot Race, Time Only Preference, Rider, Horse, Owner for Slot, Email Address, Home Address and Phone Number

We will respond with an email and code to pay for the slot via email transfer.  Email password will be included in email for etransfers.

Owners can not sell their slot and rent at their own discrepancy with no additional cost to slot pricing.  Owner may sponsor a rider for their own percentage and shared amounts.  No sponsorship or shared percents  above 150.00 for the slot.  Sugar and Spurs has no say in rentals of slots just rider's name and owner is always paid.  Meaning an owner can not share or rent a slot for more than 100% . All Slot Sales will be done by Sugar and Spurs if not paid and resold.

Max 100 slot sold plus 10 per year 5 sold 5 donated to sponsors 

No refunds

Owner of the slot will be paid

If renting a slot at your own risk the rider and owner both sign waivers.

Results will be posted to Facebook page

Payout will be e transferred within 15 days of posting times

5 new slots will be sold annually for the next year and 5 donated for a one year slot by preferred choice of Sugar and Spurs for sponsors and/or volunteers.  These slots will not be a part of the accumulated amounts in the 70% payout. 

Warm up arena provided

Running with closed gate

Raffles provided by Sponsors go to Fundraising for Ronald Mc Donald House 

Payout will be emailed after posting of times.

If your owner email does not work and no pick up is arranged within three months of the race date money will not be paid.

Welcome to camp night before

Time only $10.00 for two minutes pay at the gate for each from 10am -12 pm . Jackpot $40 noon ABRA double header followed by Slot Race

Pattern size 7/10 split

Rakes every 6 and one big one at 100 or every 50 as needed...

Volunteer Schedule - all girls are asked to help with barrels, gate and timing booth ......if you volunteer check in with the announcing booth and your name will be entered for a draw.

Looking for sponsors donations and volunteer

No dogs please as requested by the arenas.

Sugar and Spurs has the right to move the date if the weather is not safe with rain out dates included or in preparation to arrangeto run a safe event.  Also Sugar an Spurs has the right to black list people who complain or cause issues publicly on Facebook.

Sugar and Spurs Inc. has the right to change the rules at anytime for the most successful event.




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